Welcome to Kensington Alexander

How would it be if we could simply choose to regain our poise and confidence anytime, and especially when we are about to tackle a challenge?

We want to live well, be active and engaged. And we know what would be good for us.

Everyday activities that we took for granted as kids - sitting, getting up, standing, bending, reaching, bending, walking, lifting, going up and downstairs - can become challenging, uncomfortable, even painful over time. We get in our own way without realizing it.

The Alexander Technique teaches us how to access our poise and ease. Daily activities and special skills become surprisingly effortless, balanced and poised — playing an instrument, practicing yoga, giving a presentation, or dancing tango. It is mindfulness in action.

To experience the Alexander Technique and find how you might benefit, contact Antoinette to arrange a free 20-minute introductory session.

For upcoming classes and events, please see here.

A toddler carries an awkward object with ease. Adults carrying something bulky are likely to do that awkwardly. Learn to regain your poise with AT.