Intro to Lifestyle Priorities


How come one person gets upset or overwhelmed by something — technical difficulties, being interrupted, a change of plans, public speaking — and someone else take it in their stride, or even finds it energizing?

In this workshop we will use a playful interactive scenario to learn about our personal priority.  Lifestyle Priorities is a concept from Adlerian Psychology for understanding the motivation of behavior. It is helpful for understanding emotional habits and how we are unique.

Alexander teachers and students tend to find the physical aspect of habitual reactions easy to describe and talk about. The emotional aspect can be harder and more uncomfortable to address.

This introduction is  fun and useful in and of itself.

Want to go deeper and put it into practice? Join fellow Alexander Teachers, Trainees and Students for the 3-part workshop  Monday July 15, 22, & 29, 2024. (Alexander, Adler and Emotional Habits)

Learning with friends and colleagues is a great way to connect. Share this opportunity with someone you enjoy spending time with and sign up together!

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